Lars Muhl: Introduction to "The O Manuscript" book trilogy

Lars Muhl: The Seer - The Magdalene - The Grail

The O Manuscript, a real-life Gnostic thriller, has sold over 60,000 copies in Denmark, the equivalent of 3 million in the United States, since it was first published in 2000

Lars Muhl: Welcome

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Lars Muhl: The Law Of Light

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Lars Muhl about The Divine Feminine, The Mystery Schools and The Real Message of Mary and Jesus

Interview with Lars Muhl by Jannecke from the website Wisdom From North (

Lars Muhl: The Choice

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Lars Muhl on The Angelic Forces

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Lars Muhl: A most important tool

Lars Muhl on The Seer 1

The Gate of Light by Lars Muhl (new version)

Lars Muhl visits "the holiest place on Earth" - Cave 4 at Qumran, in the Judaean Desert of the West Bank, where most of the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered

Lars Muhl on Yeshua & The Brotherhood of Light

Lars Muhl in the Judaean Desert, the place of The Essenes and Yeshua (Jesus)

New Year Angel 2017 by Lars Muhl & Githa Ben-David

Githa & Lars sings Angel

Lars Muhl on his work with spiritual science

A short introduction to the spiritual work of Lars Muhl

Stay connected by Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl gives advices to newcomers who take the spiritual path.